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Terms & Conditions

By accessing or using the Gocarbuyers.com.au network you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions below.
You are advised to use your discretion should you disagree or object to any of the terms of usage.
The substance or content of this website is for your information and is subject to amendment without notice to the user

Terms of Usage

  • By using accessing or using Gocarbuyers.com.au, you agree to be bound by the following terms of usage
  • The viewer or user will not employ this site for any other purpose than which is outlined in these terms and conditions
  • Gocarbuyers.com.au does not assume replica watches responsibility or liability for any incorrect, inaccurate or illegal content posted on the site whether by users, members or any third party nor does it offer any warranty regarding its completeness
  •  All liability, whether civil or criminal replica handbags arising out of any content that is posted on the site will be of that member, user or the third party who replica watches uk has posted such content and Gocarbuyers.com.au reserves its right to claim damages from such member, user, or third party that it may suffer as a result of such content being posted on the site
  • Gocarbuyers.com.au is not responsible for the conduct of any user and/or member of the Gocarbuyers.com.au service whether online or offline
  • Gocarbuyers.com.au will not be Cheap Oakley Sunglasses held responsible for communication failure, delay in operation or transmission, interruption, delay,  problems of technical failure, or any error, omission or deletion
  • Similarly any injury or damage to users and/or members, computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials in connection with the Gocarbuyers.com.au site and/or in connection Fake Ray Bans with the Gocarbuyers.com.au service, is the sole responsibility of the user
  • Likewise under no circumstances will Gocarbuyers.com.au be responsible for moncler outlet uk any loss or damage resulting from anyone's use of the site or the service and/or any content posted on the Gocarbuyers.com.au site or transmitted to Gocarbuyers.com.au members . The exchange of information(s) through or by Gocarbuyers.com.au is not an trusty time offer and/or recommendation by the site owner
  • Gocarbuyers.com.au does not guarantee any specific results from use of the site and/or the service provided, nor does it promise any particular outcome

Personal Use Only

The site Gocarbuyers.com.au is for your personal and non-commercial use only. 
Therefore the user or viewer is not permitted to engage in the following:


  • Publish or license, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, or modify any material;
  • Create an alternative website using any material louboutin outlet on our website, reproduce pages within the Gocarbuyers.com.au network for the same purpose, or compile any document or database based on the material published on the Gocarbuyers.com.au site;
  • Transfer or sell any information, operations or products or Wholesale Replica Designer Handbags services offered on the Gocarbuyers.com.au site without the written approval of the site owner

Gocarbuyers.com.au may terminate your right to access and use this network at any time without giving notice Whilst Gocarbuyers.com.au takes care to ensure that the material on the  website is correct, up-to-date and free from errors, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the material on the site or any website that links from the Gocarbuyers.com.au or any information received as a result of using this site, or that the material is virus free.

Should Gocarbuyers.com.au suffer any loss or damage or incur any cost in connection with a breach by the user of these terms and conditions you agree to indemnify Gocarbuyers.com.au for all such loss and damage

Goods and Services Provided By Third Parties

If goods and services are offered on or through the Gocarbuyers.com.au site by third parties (sellers):

  • The third party is responsible for all relevant searches including, any written-off vehicle register or register of security interests;
  • As Gocarbuyers.com.au does not act as any person's agent or broker, you must arrange any contract between you and any other party and  provide any warranty in relation to any persons, goods or services;
  • Any transaction between you and any person, any goods or services purchased by you from any other party, and resolving any dispute between you and any other person is your sole responsibility, and Gocarbuyers.com.au does not take any responsibility.

Gocarbuyers.com.au strongly recommends that buyers check with the seller that all information in relation to their goods and service is accurate.

Limitation on liability 

In terms of liability, Gocarbuyers.com.au advices the following:

  • Any incidental, special or punitive damages, including loss of profit arising from your use of the site or of the Gocarbuyer service even if we been advised of the possibility of such damages, is the responsibility of the user
  • Should there is any dispute about or involving the use of site and/or the service, the user unconditionally agrees that all such disputes and/or differences will be governed by the laws of NSW Australia
  • You agree to indemnify and hold Gocarbuyers.com.au, its employees, affiliates and subsidiaries fully indemnified and harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including  attorney's fees, made by yourselves and/or any third party due to/or arising out of your use of our service
  • Accordingly Gocarbuyers.com.au maintains limited responsibility to the user.Gocarbuyers.com.au will only be liable to you:
    a)  where the law implies a legislation into these terms and conditions which cannot be excluded,
    b) if the claim arises from or in connection with any deliberate breach of these terms and conditions by gocarbuyers.com.au.

Other than as set out above Gocarbuyers.com.au, will not be liable to you:

a) for claims arising out of or in connection with your access and use of the gocarbuyers.com.au network and related services,

b) for loss of use, production, profit, revenue, business, or any data.

Copyright, Trademarks and Licence

Gocarbuyers.com.au asserts it is the copyright holder of the materials on the site.  All rights are reserved.

The user is allowed only the following:

  • copy or reproduce the copyright material only for the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses purpose of browsing the gocarbuyers.com.au site or making a copy for your own personal, private or research use, provided that such use constitutes fair use under the Copyright Act;
  • In consideration of Gocarbuyers.com.au allowing you to access and use of our site, you grant to gocarbuyers.com.au a non-exclusive, payment- free, irrevocable licence in perpetuity to reproduce, adapt, publish or delete any material you post, upload or otherwise transmit via communications services and to sub-licence the same for such purposes as Gocarbuyers.com.au determines from time to time (subject to the gocarbuyers.com.au Privacy Policy).

Communications Service

Gocarbuyers.com.au facilitates communication with sellers/buyers, advertisers and users of our site through agreements, online forms, other forms of electronic messaging.

The user acknowledges that communications service cheap ray bans may be public and not private communication. The Communications Service of Gocarbuyers is provided on condition that you do not do any of the following:

  • use the communications service for any unlawful purpose;
  • communicate any information or material which is deliberately  misleading or deceptive;
  • transmit any obscene, defamatory or unlawful information or material or information;.
  • post or upload files that contain software or other material or information in breach of any person's intellectual property or privacy rights
  • upload corrupted files that contain viruses, any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another's computer;
  • modify or delete attributions, authorship, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels in any file that is uploaded.
  • offer to sell, advertise any products or services, or conduct or transmit materials other than  approved by gocarbuyers.com.au.
  • download unlawful files of another user contrary to these terms and conditions
  • use the communications service in a way that could inconvenience other users or their integrity
  • aid and abet, or incite any unlawful acts
  • Gocarbuyers.com.au may review your use of the communications service and edit or remove in whole or part any information or material uploaded or posted by you using the communications service.

Software Services

Any software, including HTML code and ActiveX controls, that is made available to download from the Gocarbuyers.com.au site ("Software") is owned by Gocarbuyers.com.au and/or its suppliers.

Gocarbuyers.com.au and Your Privacy

Gocarbuyers.com.au affirms that the site does not make your information available to anybody other then person our network.
However, car buyer receives updates from car sellers when an offer is submitted, and likewise car sellers receives relevant updates when a car buyer posts a request.

Inspection before purchase policy

Although Gocarbuyers.com.au stresses the need to inspect before buying, the site itself does not hold any responsibility in this transaction.

Variation of Terms and Conditions

Gocarbuyers will exercise absolute discretion in modifying or amending the terms and conditions upon which goods or services are supplied by you. These modifications and amendments will be binding upon you once displayed on this web site. You should regularly check the terms and conditions displayed on this website.

Using its discretion, Gocarbuyers.com.au may cease to provide you with access to its website or any of its services without notice.

All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

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